About my One String Diddley Bows

If you dig the Blues, or if you're just looking for a different sound, be sure to check out these one string diddley bows. They were first seen around the Civil War and really exploded in popularity during the early 1900's. Musicians at the time couldn't afford professional instruments, so they made their own, often using a broomstick or piece of wood from a fence or shed for a neck and broom wire for strings. They were very rustic instruments with a very unique tone.

Unlike my other cigar box guitars, these one string diddley bows are much more rustic. They still use a great cigar box for the body, but the neck is made from a large oak dowel, without frets or fingerboard. They generally have a thumbscrew or eye bolt for the nut and a bolt for the bridge. These have a piezo pickup, so you can plug them in and rock. If you're wanting to learn to play slide blues, these are perfect to start on.

Why do they only have one string? Well, that's how the original diddley bows were made. And honestly, you only need one string to play the blues.