About my Transverse Flutes

My flutes are bored from a single piece of wood, unlike many other flutes where the wood is split in half, hollowed out, and glued back together. That means there are no glue seams that can split or crack due to excessive moisture or warping of the wood. These are simple system straight bore flutes.

I finish my flutes with an all-natural non-toxic blend of hardening oils and waxes. The finish is clear in order to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, and it provides low maintenance protection for your instrument.

My flutes are voiced and tuned to be performance quality. The sound is rich and full, and there is minimal breathiness. They must be up to my high standards of sound and appearance. If the flute is not something that I would buy for my own personal collection, I won't sell it to you. I firmly believe that flutes must be of the highest quality, even for beginners, so that you can enjoy creating beautiful music while avoiding the frustrations that I experienced with the first flute I purchased.