About my Lunch Box Guitars

Cigar box guitars have been growing in popularity lately, and to me, building a guitar with a vintage lunch box seemed like the next natural progression.

To start, I scour antique stores and eBay for some of my favorite old lunch boxes. I've used everything from the Muppets to Clash of the Titans to Return of the Jedi. Then I craft the neck from maple and add a nice fingerboard. I add and dress the frets (although I can certainly leave the guitar fretless if you want). Then I add some nice tuning machines and a piezo pickup. The action is set low enough to easily play chords or fingerstyle, but I can set it a little higher if you like to play with a slide.

These guitars can easily be tuned to an open chord so you can get started rocking within minutes. If you're looking for a particular tuning, whether it's an open chord or something else, just let me know and I'll make sure the guitar is set up and strung to your specifications.